The Action of Faith

Most of us know someone who is described as a ‘mover and shaker.’ These people are always in the thick of creating new ideas or concepts and then implementing them.

Mostly we admire their commitment and courage but few are eager to join in. What is different about these people? They have vision; they allow their minds to be open to new methods, new ideas and new opportunities. They do not limit Divine Mind by their own base of knowledge. 토토사이트

Even more, they can ‘see the reaching’ of the new goal. It would be impossible to be this kind of person if every new adventure were fraught with doubts and fears. These people are like children; they dream the dream, avoid looking at pitfalls and then materialize the vision by plowing forward.

We do this in our lives when we exercise faith followed by action. This is a lot like speaking the word and then following through with some action that makes it clear that you are on the path heading to a place where your dreams are realized.

Sometimes it is difficult to look away from pressing financial challenges, some so great that even getting food for your family is the most important challenge, and looking at the bigger goals. Even if you are able to do this, you still have to take action to demonstrate your faith.

Can you tap into and hear or feel the advice of your own personal guides? Take a look at the outcome in this true story:

The woman parked her little sports car and got out slowly. She appeared to have been affluent in the past but now, perhaps, things had slightly changed financially.
She walked with shoulders slumped and eyes downcast, a worried look was evidenced by her furrowed brow. She strode quickly into the supermarket.

A lot had happened in a short time in her life. The housing crash had taken a deep toll on her financially. She had sold her multimillion dollar home and moved to much smaller quarters.

A traumatic breakup of her 33 year marriage had been followed by the death of her brother who had been a close friend and a business partner, then her mother who had been a cherished friend had died; 9 months later, her youngest son who had died unexpectedly and unexplainably. A multitude of other events, most of which would have been considered life altering by those who had not been walking on her path had also transpired.

She was accustomed to making money, a lot of money. Today, however, Renae had exactly $15.83 in her pocket, all the funds she had in her possession for the moment. She had just left her small dog at the veterinarian; she had awoken this morning to the sound of her dog vomiting.


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